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Are You on The Right Social Media Platforms?

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One of the biggest concerns we hear when it comes to social media is that clients don’t think they will have enough time to manage it. It’s true; social media can be time-consuming, overwhelming and an organizational nightmare. There are so many sites out there and it seems like a new one pops up every day. Unless you have an unlimited budget to outsource every aspect or to hire a large number of employees to manage it, you need to take a look at how your business is actually benefitting from each and every social media outlet.

Here’s how.

  1. Create a simple spreadsheet where you list all the sites you’re currently on.
  2. As you visit each social media tool note down how many fans, followers, likes or contacts you have.
  3. While you’re there, use the free analytics tools (if available) to get the stats on your reach, visits, views, interaction, comments etc (YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook all have analytics tools).
  4. Check your Google Analytics stats (it’s free) to look at your key referring sites to see how many visitors the likes of Twitter and Google Plus actually send you each month (look back over the last 3-6 months to see the trends).
  5. Also check which pages these sites are sending people to on your blog or website.
  6. If you’re using Su.Pr (Stumble Upon) or then check the number of clicks on your shortened links.
  7. Look at the level of interaction on your blog if you have one, i.e. comments, social shares ect.
  8. Assess how many minutes or hours you spend each day on these particular sites and whether this is paying off for you.
  9. Set some specific goals that you want to meet over the next 3 months in terms of community, click throughs and conversion. Then start getting strategic with your time spent on social media.

If you want to take it one step further, check out the demographics of people using each of the sites you are evaluating. Compare those with the demographics of your current and potential clients to make sure you are in the same places as your customers.



Nonprofits and Social Media

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Mobilizing volunteers or donors can be difficult for non-profit organizations. There never seems to be enough staff or resources to carry out all the great ideas organizations have. But, sometimes nonprofits need a little creative help coming up with marketing ideas to reach out to people and encourage them to get involved. Here is a list, compiled from a few different sources, of ways to expand and engage your audience.

Make donating fun. People love to let their friends and followers know what they are doing, so why not add a “share” button to your website or social media site. That way, when people make a donation or sign up to volunteer, they can easily share the activity with others. Check out Giving Impact and givezooks.


Don’t make people give to share. Check out Tweetsgiving. They asked people to tweet what they were grateful for with a link back to, which helped to spread awareness.


Target your “ask”. Facebook, like email marketing services, allows you to target your message to a specific subset in your fanbase. You can choose by location, gender and age.


Measure your “ask”. Measure traffic, clicks, average donation amounts and number of donations so you can refine your approach over time. Google analytics is simple to set up and use for your website. Facebook provides great analytics for Facebook pages and advertisements.


Show and Tell. Everyone loves a good story, but it can be hard to tell in 140 characters. So incorporate pictures and videos whenever possible. Use real examples of people you have helped and situations you have improved.  If you are asking for donations, show people exactly what their donation will buy. It creates a direct line of site between donation and impact.

Don’t forget….

Tell people you have joined the social media network! Let people know you are out there and encourage them to connect with your organization. Ask them for their input and feedback. Listen.


How much work does it take to make an impact on social media and is it worth it? A recent study found the following after surveying and monitoring 10 nonprofit organizations’ Facebook pages.

Organizations posted to their Facebook pages an average of six times per week and tweeted four to five times per day.

Each week, an average of 2.5% of each organization’s Facebook fans took action (i.e. contributed wall posts, “likes” or comments).

Organizations in the study saw both faster growth and higher churn of their social media audiences than is typical with email lists.  Facebook fan bases grew by an average of 3.75% each month and Twitter followers grew by 9% per month. But 2% of Facebook fans removed themselves or hid the news feed each month.

In this sample, the more organizations tweeted, the more their followers retweeted them. Those retweets led to more new followers.