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Email Marketing: Exporting Linkedin Contacts Into Outlook Email Groups

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Here is an incredibly easy, step-by-step guide to help you send e-mail to your Linkedin Contacts as an entire group. This is a fantastic way to utilize mass-mailing-marketing-efforts to spread the word and get your message across to people that most likely know and even trust you. Enjoy!




1) From LinkedIn home page, click “Contact” menu bar item. From the contact page, click “Export connections” at the lower right of the page. 



2) Choose “Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file)” and click “Export” button. 



3) Click “Save” button, then the “Open Folder” button.



4) Copy the path from the Windows Explorer window. Image


5) In Outlook 2010, click File –> Open –> Import. 



6) Choose “Import from another program or file” then click “Next” button. 



7) Paste the path then browse to the file, leaving the default option. 



8) Make sure you select “Contacts”



9) Leave the defaults and click “Finish” button.



10) Monitor progress and watch for errors. Dialog box disappears when successful. 



11) Open “Contacts” section in Outlook and click the “New Contact Group” menu icon.



12) Enter a name for the group and click “Add Members” menu item. Choose “Outlook Contacts” from the list that appears. 



13) Mass select desired members of the group, click the “Members” –> button to populate the field, then OK. 



14) Be sure to “Save & Close” the group. 


TIP: When you e-mail this group, make sure you place them in the BCC group so recipients cannot see either other. 


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E-Mail Marketing Challenges and Opportunities

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Some marketers think e-mail marketing is becoming a thing of the past. After all, we have become so inundated with e-mail and most of us have more than one e-mail account. I will be the first to admit that I blindly go through my emails and delete clothing store ones, entertainment venue ones, ect.

However, some brands and companies rely heavily on e-mail marketing. Groupon’s entire business is based on it. Once in a while I will click through a restaurant email to see what specials they are running or a travel agent email to see what cities are on sale. But the question has to be asked; could I get the same information via social media sites like Facebook rather then letting my inbox fill up. And for companies, are the response rates higher for sales, specials and goings-on on Facebook or on e-mail.

In the next 12 months, B-to-B marketers will face the following broad challenges in their e-mail marketing campaigns.

1. Delivering highly relevant content

2. Measuring the ROI on e-mail marketing programs

3. E-mail deliverability

4. Expanding opt-in mailing lists

5. Database integration with e-mail systems

6. Competition with social media for recipient’s attention

7. Activities related to e-mail reputation (e.g., blacklist, whitelist, spam rating)

8. Combining SEO technology with e-mail marketing

9. Spam issues

10. Working on an international version of your e-mail marketing program.


information from B-to-B magazine