Thanksgiving “App-Style”

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Holiday season is upon us.  Time to stress out about gifts, family, food and fun. But wait, we are in the era of mobility. An estimated 26 million people use tablets in the United States and 43% of Americans with mobile phones have smart phones.  So isn’t about time, we do the holidays “app style?”

Here are the best apps to help get you through Thanksgiving.

First things first, we need a menu. I recommend the Thanksgiving Menu Maker from Fine Cooking. Tap your way to a customized holiday menu from more than 75 all-time favorite Thanksgiving recipes, plus get a customized shopping list and schedule.

Chow Thanksgiving Day Coach is a scaled down version for those of us who don’t like the kitchen. This app has only 9 selections and easy to follow recipes and a step-by-step timeline that lets you make dishes ahead of time.

For those of us on a budget, try the Dinner Spinner. It has hundreds of recipes for Thanksgiving, including Green Bean Casserole, Candied Sweet Potatoes and plenty of recipes for that perfect Turkey. You can also see ratings of each recipe.

Next, you need a good drink to go with the meal. is a beautiful wine app designed specifically for the iPad. But, you need to know your wines before diving in.

Drync Wine Pro will find your wine no matter what. Just type a few words into the search engine and you are sure to find reviews and information on the wine of your choice.

For those of us not so familiar with wine, I recommend using IntoWine Food & Wine Pairing App. The name says it all.

Now onto the shopping. Check your local grocery stores for mobile coupon apps before heading out. When you are at the store, use your phone to scan bar codes and compare pricing and get coupons for specific brands and foods.

For some fun, download some Thanksgiving themed game apps. Turkey Hunt Thanksgiving Dinner is an arcade style game that has you trying to beat the clock to make a Thanksgiving Dinner.

Thanksgiving Jokes has kid-friendly jokes and Word Spree Thanksgiving Lite creates funny random stories that you can share with family and friends.

Thanksgiving gives you fun facts about the holiday that you can turn into a trivia game.

Finally, don’t forget to keep up with the football scores with ESPN Score Center.

Now if there was only an app that would clean up all the dishes.



Top 10 Clues Someone Isn’t A Social Media Expert

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10. There are social media icons in their email signature, but when you click on the links you they haven’t updated the page in weeks or months.

9. There are social media icons on their website, but when you click on these links you find they haven’t updated the page in weeks or months.

8. When you ask them if they have actually used the tools they’re recommending—either personally or for a client—they can’t give you a straight answer.

7. Their idea of using social media is to promote a company’s services or key messages without any engagement with users.

6. They claim to be influencers, but their Klout scores are less than your mother’s.

5. Their program proposals talk about big ideas, but they don’t mention how they will track and measure success.

4. As soon as a shiny new tool comes out, they immediately propose you incorporate it into your social media program.

3. They mention MySpace in a discussion about social media channels to consider.

2. They guarantee immediate results.

1. Somewhere in their Twitter/Facebook/Klout/Google+/Foursquare/blog profile it says: “Social media expert.”

Taken from an article by Andrew Worob


A History of Facebook Commerce: Infograph

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We are approaching the anniversary of the first Facebook transaction. So, let’s take a look at the history of Facebook Commerce.


50 Social Media Stats to Use in Your Next Presentation

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I have been following Sarah Evans, PR guru, since I was in college. Recently, her team scoured the internet, news, books, and everything else they could to come up with the most convincing social media stats. This list is phenomenal and you should hang it up in your office and definitely use it on your next presentation slide.

1. “Social media accounts for one out of every six minutes spent online in US.” (

2. “Seventy-seven percent report that they use social media to share their love of a show; 65% use it as a platform to help save their favorite shows; and 35% use it to try to introduce new shows to their friends.” ( study via

3. “Facebook users are overall more trusting than non-internet others. Pew reported, 43% of survey participants were more likely than other internet users to feel that most people can be trusted.” (Pew Internet via Social Media Club)

4. “22% of all grandparents in the UK are using social networks, according to Mashable. The study, which collected results from 1,341 grandparents from the UK, showed that 71% of grandparents who use a social network use Facebook, 34% are on Twitter and 9% use the business social network LinkedIn.” (Mashable via Social Media Today)

5. “In the first four months after its January 2010 launch in Russia, Facebook use grew by 376%, and today more than 4.5 million people use the site regularly.” ( via Mashable)

6. “The ‘Weinergate’ scandal caused a significant drop in tweeting politicians. According to VentureBeat, after the scandal ‘the number of tweets by Republican members of Congress dropped by 27 percent, while those of Democrats dropped by 29 percent.'” (VentureBeat via Marketing Pilgrim)

7. Instagram “currently has a user base of 4.25 million in only seven months, with ten photos being posted a second.” ( via TechCrunch)

8. “It only takes 20 people to bring an online community to a significant level of activity and connectivity.” (Ning via TheNextWeb)

9. “Nearly twice as many men (63%) as women (37%) use LinkedIn.” (Pew Internet via

10. “In the last election Google was the largest player — the Obama campaign directed 45% of its online campaign dollars to the search site.” (Advertising Age)

11. “59% of adult Facebook users had “liked” a brand as of April, up from 47% the previous September. Uptake among the oldest users appears to have been a major factor in this rise.” (eMarketer)

12. “In 2010, 29.3 million readers read some 270 million pages of Post journalism each month, a record for The Washington Post. Of that, 28.1 million did so online and, while [Washington Post] brought in 4.2 million new readers on average each month compared to the previous year, [they] also lost some 35,000 print subscribers in 2010 alone.” (Forbes)

13. “25% of hotels [are] still ignoring social media.” (TravelClick via Econsultancy)

14. “Businesses are paying Twitter $120,000 to sponsor a promoted trending topic for a day. […] That’s up from $25,000 to $30,000 when the feature was launched in April 2010.” (via Poynter)

15. “AOL’s newsroom is now bigger than The New York Times’.” (Business Insider)

16. “Mobile is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the world. With 40% of U.S. mobile subscribers regularly browsing the internet on their phone and a projected 12.5% of all e-commerce transactions going mobile by the end of the year, it’s a channel that you need to be aware of. According to Google, mobile web traffic will surpass PC traffic by 2013.” (60 Second Marketer)

17. “Twitter is 6-7 times smaller than Facebook.” (via Social Media Today)

18. “There are now 54 million active Mac users around the world.” (AllThingsD)

19. “130 million books have been downloaded from iBooks.” (AllThingsD)

20. “Users say they’re more likely to buy if a business answers their questions on Twitter.” (

21. “Nearly half (42%) indicated that if they’ve already allocated a portion of their marketing spend to social media, they would increase this spend over the course of the year. Only 8% of those surveyed indicated that they would decrease social media spend.” (The Next Web)

22. “13% of online adults use the status update service Twitter, which represents a significant increase from the 8% of online adults who identified themselves as Twitter users in November 2010. 95% of Twitter users own a mobile phone, and half of these users access the service on their handheld device.” (Pew Internet)

23. “According to HubSpot, small businesses plan to spend 19 percent of budgets on social media vs. only 6 percent in larger businesses. A similar gap is shown for blogging with 10 percent of budgets for small business vs. just 3 percent for large.” (Hubspot via ClickZ)

24. “33 percent of its worldwide traffic is inside the United States.” (Problogger)

25. “Facebook has three times as many accounts as Twitter, and 20 percent of Twitter’s users produce at least 80 percent of the site’s content.” (Problogger)

26. “In early March, Google removed from its Android Market more than 60 applications carrying malicious software. Some of the malware was designed to reveal the user’s private information to a third party, replicate itself on other devices, destroy user data or even impersonate the device owner.” (Network World)

27. “Groupon is on track to bring in between $3 billion and $4 billion in revenue this year alone. Facebook’s 2010 sales were reported to be only around $2 billion in its sixth year of existence.” (Knowledge@Wharton via MSNBC)

28. “A study of 24,000 consumers across the 16 largest countries found that those who are most connected, living on the cutting edge of social media tend to be more ‘prosocial’ than average, being more likely to do volunteer work, offer their seats in crowded places, lend possessions to others and give directions.” (TheNextWeb)

29. “99 percent of Android devices are vulnerable to password theft.” (MobileCrunch)

30. “Recent estimates put less than 10% of the population using Twitter, far less than other social sites.” (Advertising Age)

31. “More than 3.34 million mentions were recorded over a one-month period of people making social asks.” (

32. “David Poltrack, CBS Corp., announced that, based on a new research study, ‘age and sex don’t matter when it comes to increasing TV ad effectiveness.'” (Forbes)

33. “An average of 40 percent of the traffic to the top 25 news sites comes from outside referrals, the study found, with Google Search and, to a lesser extent, Google News the single biggest traffic driver.” (via AFP)

34. “Almost one-in-four South Africans use social media as a tool to look for work, but are concerned about the potential career fallout from personal content on social networking sites.” (Kelly Group via BusinessReport)

35. “The percentage of US parents who allow their children between ages 10 and 12 to use Facebook or MySpace more than doubled from 8 percent a year ago to 17 percent now.” (via NY Post)

36. “33% of Facebook posting is mobile.” (Dan Zarella)

37. “Fully 69% of visitors to ended up 3 places: (14.6%), (14.4%) and (14.0%).” (

38. “85% of media websites now use online video to cover news.” (

39. “”Social media advertising spending will increase from $2.1 billion in 2010 to $8.3 billion by 2015.” (BIA/Kelsey via Direct Marketing News)

40. “Facebook is approaching 700 million users and Google handles over 11 billion queries per month. World-wide there are over 5 billion mobile subscribers (9 out of 10 in the U.S.) and every two days there is more information created than between the dawn of civilization and 2003.” (via Lee Odden, TopRank)

41. “Twitter reported that the network saw more than 4,000 tweets per second (TPS) at the beginning and end of Obama’s speech [re: death of Osama Bin Laden]” (AllTwitter)

42. “65% of all social media related to the royal wedding has come from the U.S. in the past month [April]. The U.K. has been responsible for just 20%.” (USA Today)

43. Re: the Royal Wedding: “911,000 wedding-related tweets were tracked in the past 30 days. That’s about 30,000 per day and accounts for 71% of all social media.” (USA Today)

44. “According to NPR’s internal usage data covering January 1 through mid-April, users who request audio — maybe a station stream, a national newscast, or NPR Music content — view twice as many pages as those who only read the apps’ content. On average, audio streamers rack up 4.2 pageviews per visit versus 2.4 for the text-only crowd.” (Nieman Journalism Lab)

45. “Twitter penetration rates in Canada are among the highest in the world, according to new data from online tracking firm comScore Inc., which suggests that nearly one in five Canadian Internet users over the age of 15 regularly visit Twitter.” (via Financial Post)

46. “Traffic from social media has highest bounce rate. […] If you’re looking for ‘hyper-engaged’ readers, those that click through five or more pages on your site, forget the guy who came from Twitter. A link from another content site is three times more likely to be engaged, and someone coming in from search, is also above average.” (Marketing Pilgrim)

47. “”Digital services accounted for an estimated $8.5 billion (28%) of the $30.4 billion in 2010 U.S. revenue generated by the 900-plus advertising and marketing-services agencies that Ad Age analyzed.” (Advertising Age)

48. “Total Facebook spent on lobbying, Q1 2010: $41,390. Total Facebook spent on lobbying, Q1 2011: $230,000” (Huffington Post)

49. “Nearly seven in 10 tablet owners reported spending at least 1 hour per day using the device, including 38% who spent over 2 hours on it. And while just 28% consider it their primary computer, 77% are spending less time on desktop or laptop PCs since they got a tablet.” (eMarketer)

50. “According to a Network Solutions survey, the use of social media among SMBs has grown over the years, rising from 12 percent in 2009, to 24 percent in 2010 to 31 percent currently.” (Search Engine Watch)

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8 Facts About Mobile Marketing You Can’t Ignore

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Mobile commerce has been growing exponentially over the past year. Microsoft Tag recently released new statistics proving mobile commerce will continue on its rapid growth pattern. The infograph below shows 8 facts about mobile marketing that should not be tossed aside.


Nation’s First Municipal Data Center: Videos from the Groundbreaking

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The WeConnect data center groundbreaking was a great success. The mayor of Westerville, city CIO, DRS CEO and county director all spoke to a crowd of around 100 people. The speakers talked about the vision behind WeConnect, what is means for the city and how businesses will benefit from it.

WeConnect is a private-public partnership with the City of Westerville. DRS, LLC, a Youngstown-based technology firm, has designed a 16,000 square foot data center that will offer broadband access and connectivity to residents and businesses in Westerville and beyond. DRS will also manage the data center.

The following videos are interviews from the groundbreaking.

DRS CEO Mike Meloy

DRS CEO Mike Meloy and PALO Creative President Rob Palowitz

City of Westervile CIO Todd Jackson

DRS CEO Mike Meloy

Mayor Kathy Cocuzzi


Nation’s First Municipal Community Data Center Breaking Ground in Westerville

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Groundbreaking Scheduled for Tuesday, June 21


June 16, 2011(Westerville, OH) – The City of Westerville, in conjunction with Youngstown, OH-based technology firm DRS, LLC announces the groundbreaking event of the nation’s first municipal community data center on Tuesday, June 21, 10 a.m. at 35 Collegeview Ave in Westerville. The center is the launching platform for WēConnect, a program of the City of Westerville.


As the first-ever city-owned data center, Westerville will be able to offer community partners and the business community access to data center space (co-location), affordable broadband and managed services and cloud-based services (delivery of hosted solutions via the internet).


”This is what we heard when we asked businesses what they needed in Westerville in order to be a world-class destination for business,” said Todd Jackson, Chief Information Officer for the City. “A community data center centralizes the technology, security and infrastructure within a technology commons enabling businesses of all sizes in and around our community to reduce costs of doing business and compete on a global level.”


The 16,000 square feet data center will provide expanded capacity for future data storage and network needs, and also provide technology solutions for businesses that enable them to deliver products and services electronically as well as access new workforce and social media technologies including virtualization, cloud computing (including a community cloud for Westerville business) and web 2.0 social computing.


“The DRS staff is excited and honored to be a partner in this new “Public Private Partnership” This is a great opportunity for the business community in North East and Central Ohio.  We already have many business from the Valley and Central Ohio interested in utilizing the Data Centers and fiber connectivity in the adjoining areas for backup and disaster recovery services,” said DRS CEO Mike Meloy.


What: WēConnect Community Data Center Groundbreaking
Where: 35 Collegeview Ave, Westerville, OH (behind the Otterbein University Department of Communication building; access from Cleveland Ave off Main Street.)
When: Tuesday June 21, 2011 10 a.m.


About WēConnect

WēConnect embodies all the bold technology commitments currently underway for the next generation of Westerville, featuring this community data center and also including commercial advanced metering, fiber infrastructure and technology-related energy efficiency programs. WēConnect brings the latest cutting edge technologies to the business community by providing both an advanced fiber optic network and unprecedented IT managed services to local companies. The services provided by WēConnect are the first of their kind and aim to deliver and secure economic strength and development in the area.

 About DRS, LLC

DRS LLC is an information technology consulting firm and service provider specializing in Cloud services, Managed Services, data center operations, and network infrastructure deployment including local area networks, wide area networks, VoIP, and connectivity. For more information visit

About City of Westerville

Located in the northeast corner of Ohio’s fastest growing region, Westerville is a vital city of 37,000 residents, a leader in job creation, and located just 10 miles from the airport and the state capital of Columbus. Westerville has been nationally recognized as one of “America’s Best Places To Live” by Money Magazine. For more information visit