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Email Marketing: Exporting Linkedin Contacts Into Outlook Email Groups

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Here is an incredibly easy, step-by-step guide to help you send e-mail to your Linkedin Contacts as an entire group. This is a fantastic way to utilize mass-mailing-marketing-efforts to spread the word and get your message across to people that most likely know and even trust you. Enjoy!




1) From LinkedIn home page, click “Contact” menu bar item. From the contact page, click “Export connections” at the lower right of the page. 



2) Choose “Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file)” and click “Export” button. 



3) Click “Save” button, then the “Open Folder” button.



4) Copy the path from the Windows Explorer window. Image


5) In Outlook 2010, click File –> Open –> Import. 



6) Choose “Import from another program or file” then click “Next” button. 



7) Paste the path then browse to the file, leaving the default option. 



8) Make sure you select “Contacts”



9) Leave the defaults and click “Finish” button.



10) Monitor progress and watch for errors. Dialog box disappears when successful. 



11) Open “Contacts” section in Outlook and click the “New Contact Group” menu icon.



12) Enter a name for the group and click “Add Members” menu item. Choose “Outlook Contacts” from the list that appears. 



13) Mass select desired members of the group, click the “Members” –> button to populate the field, then OK. 



14) Be sure to “Save & Close” the group. 


TIP: When you e-mail this group, make sure you place them in the BCC group so recipients cannot see either other. 


For more tips and tricks with marketing, social media, graphics design, interactive, and video – check out our Facebook, Youtubeand Linkedin pages. 



Are You on The Right Social Media Platforms?

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One of the biggest concerns we hear when it comes to social media is that clients don’t think they will have enough time to manage it. It’s true; social media can be time-consuming, overwhelming and an organizational nightmare. There are so many sites out there and it seems like a new one pops up every day. Unless you have an unlimited budget to outsource every aspect or to hire a large number of employees to manage it, you need to take a look at how your business is actually benefitting from each and every social media outlet.

Here’s how.

  1. Create a simple spreadsheet where you list all the sites you’re currently on.
  2. As you visit each social media tool note down how many fans, followers, likes or contacts you have.
  3. While you’re there, use the free analytics tools (if available) to get the stats on your reach, visits, views, interaction, comments etc (YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook all have analytics tools).
  4. Check your Google Analytics stats (it’s free) to look at your key referring sites to see how many visitors the likes of Twitter and Google Plus actually send you each month (look back over the last 3-6 months to see the trends).
  5. Also check which pages these sites are sending people to on your blog or website.
  6. If you’re using Su.Pr (Stumble Upon) or then check the number of clicks on your shortened links.
  7. Look at the level of interaction on your blog if you have one, i.e. comments, social shares ect.
  8. Assess how many minutes or hours you spend each day on these particular sites and whether this is paying off for you.
  9. Set some specific goals that you want to meet over the next 3 months in terms of community, click throughs and conversion. Then start getting strategic with your time spent on social media.

If you want to take it one step further, check out the demographics of people using each of the sites you are evaluating. Compare those with the demographics of your current and potential clients to make sure you are in the same places as your customers.


We’ve Moved!

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More on the Web to Love: PALO Creative Launches Three New Sites

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PALO Creative is excited to announce the launch of its most recent web design work. The full-service advertising and web design agency has released new websites for The Youngstown Foundation, Warren-based Color3 and Canfield-based Trailex.

“Each one of our websites are custom made for our clients and these three are no exception,” said PALO Interactive Director, Nick Miller. “We took three very different companies with three very different target audiences and built web ‘experiences’ around their individual goals.”

The Youngstown Foundation site takes into consideration the demographics of possible donors while also showcasing the foundation’s longstanding history in the community. PALO donated a portion of the development costs back to the foundation. To view the site, visit

The Color3 website was all about visuals. Color3 is an embroidery service provider with clients nationwide. In order to truly convey the quality of their talents, the website had to use color, fabric and patterns as stimulants. To view the site, visit

Trailex’s LED site was developed as a Content Management Solution site. It allows Trailex’s management team to have complete control over the content and be able to update and change things on the fly. The company needed to be able to quickly change their product specifications and add multimedia to make sure potential customers had the most up to date information possible. To view the site, visit



Local Agency Exception To Current Advertising Trend

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PALO Creative Sees Growth Despite U.S. Ad Spending on Decline

PALO Creative announced today a new addition to its staff as well as new clients to its portfolio. The full service advertising, interactive and PR agency’s continued clientele growth and interactive development push have created the need for internal growth. This is the third hiring initiative for the agency this year.

PALO Creative President Rob Palowitz said the company is planning to hire even more as it heads into 2012. “The numbers say that U.S. ad spending is down 1.5% this quarter, but we aren’t seeing that. In fact, we’re experiencing an increase in both media spending and interactive spending, which is why we added to our team.”

PALO added a new graphic designer responsible for print and website design. Josie Puskar is a graduate of Youngstown State University with a Bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing and Virginia Marti College of Art and Design with an Associates degree in Graphic Design.  Before joining the PALO team, she was a graphic designer for a commercial real estate company in Cleveland that owned and managed over 500 open-air retail properties in the United States, Puerto Rico and Brazil.  Her extensive experience in the fashion industry, working as a clothing designer, manufacturer, and illustrator gives her a unique perspective on design. Josi will also work closely with the marketing department to assist on social media custom profile and application designs.

Palowitz said, “I’m happy to have such a diverse pool of talent to choose from in our area. When hiring, I look for the right attitude, talent and fit for the dynamic our team has to keep things moving in the right direction. Our work can be very time consuming and stressful, so it is important to add the right individuals that will help with our process. We’re fortunate and grateful to be in this position.”

PALO Creative recently added a handful of new clients including Heritage Plastics, Color3 Embroidery, Mahoning Valley Organizing Collaborative, StreetEyes and The City of Westerville. It is also continuing mobile development work with numerous divisions within a large Fortune 500 corporation.

About PALO Creative

PALO Creative is a full-service advertising, interactive and public relations agency that has been based in the Youngstown area for more than 12 years. Its fully integrated approach to marketing allows clients to achieve proven results that are both timely and competitive. The in-house team of marketing, design, interactive designers and programmers provide clients with powerful, scalable interactive and advertising solutions that are as elegant as they are functional. For more information, visit the company’s web site at


Top 10 Clues Someone Isn’t A Social Media Expert

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10. There are social media icons in their email signature, but when you click on the links you they haven’t updated the page in weeks or months.

9. There are social media icons on their website, but when you click on these links you find they haven’t updated the page in weeks or months.

8. When you ask them if they have actually used the tools they’re recommending—either personally or for a client—they can’t give you a straight answer.

7. Their idea of using social media is to promote a company’s services or key messages without any engagement with users.

6. They claim to be influencers, but their Klout scores are less than your mother’s.

5. Their program proposals talk about big ideas, but they don’t mention how they will track and measure success.

4. As soon as a shiny new tool comes out, they immediately propose you incorporate it into your social media program.

3. They mention MySpace in a discussion about social media channels to consider.

2. They guarantee immediate results.

1. Somewhere in their Twitter/Facebook/Klout/Google+/Foursquare/blog profile it says: “Social media expert.”

Taken from an article by Andrew Worob


8 Facts About Mobile Marketing You Can’t Ignore

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Mobile commerce has been growing exponentially over the past year. Microsoft Tag recently released new statistics proving mobile commerce will continue on its rapid growth pattern. The infograph below shows 8 facts about mobile marketing that should not be tossed aside.