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I recently listened to a Hubspot webinar about the future of social media. The webinar confirmed and expanded on points that I have been trying to convey to clients about how much social media drives search engine optimization. At PALO, we have always told our clients that when it comes to websites, the motto “If you build it, they will come” does NOT work. You have to tell people AND search engines that you are there.

It’s archaic to think that as long as your site has the right metatags and key words and you submitted it to the major search engines you should be at the top of search engine results. Today, search engines are crawling social media sites and online interaction and pushing companies that participate in these to the top of the lists. Businesses now have to think about social media optimization.

The importance of likes on various social networks will equal links. The shift from SEO to SMO has been recently backed up by introducing Goolge +1 . This is the new search idea of browsing the website that your friends recommend. Therefore, even if you do not believe in social media, but you do believe in SEO, ranking higher in SEO in the future will require more social engagement.

So what you as a marketer have to do with all of this information? Stop thinking as an advertiser and start thinking as a publisher or a socializer. Stop talking to your customers and interact with them by committing to your inbound strategy.


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  4. Hi friend,
    realy great post. Keep posting.

  5. at first i used to be concerned about how social media plays role into page rank. thanks a lot now i have a clear understanding with the whole process.

  6. Social media bring a great impact to SEO, it can drive traffic for you site. However, if youre just patient enough in posting and sharing your sites to all social media sites then expect a huge traffic on your site. Social Media posting is one of the strategy used in search engine optimisation.

  7. Ever since social media has emerged becoming famous a few years back, it has evolved and has been nothing short of stellar.


  8. Social media is one of the most admire thing in the internet nowadays aside from having some sort of thing such as work, research etc. Social media is always present in a daily basis of going to the internet. As it is so important also in promotional purposes.

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