Timing Is Everything In Social Media

In Advertising News, Social Media News on May 21, 2011 by PALO creative

I recently read notes from a recent webinar, The Science of Timing, presented by Social Media Scientist Dan Zarella of Hubspot. It gave some good tips on how to make the most out of your Twitter, Facebook, blog and email posts. Turns out, its all about timing. Here are the things I took away from the webinar information.


  • Don’t be afraid to tweet frequently, especially if you’re tweeting quality content
  • People who tweet up to 22 times a day actually increased the number of followers
  • There’s very little difference in B2B and B2C when it comes to twitter
  • Best time to tweet is 2-5 pm EDT
  • Best days to tweet are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Best practice for driving traffic to your site – tweet one link and allow time to pass before next tweet to allow link to “breathe”
  • Do not tweet identical tweet repeatedly. Learn to say the same thing differently with each tweet
  • Adding “founder” or”official” to your profile increases the number of followers
  • Learn the best time to post a tweet you wanted retweeted at


  • Pages that post every other day are likely to have more followers
  • There’s very little difference in B2B and B2C when it comes to Facebook
  • More articles are posted during the week
  • More articles are shared on the weekend
  • Best time to post is 11 am EDT or 7 pm EDT

Email Marketing

  • There’s very little difference in B2B and B2C
  • Abuse reports are highest on Saturday and Sunday; lowest on Monday
  • Bounce rate is highest on weekends
  • Open rate is higher on Saturday and Sunday
  • Unsubscribe rate is higher on weekends also as more subscribers have time to consider whether to continue receiving your information.
  • Click rates are highest on weekends
  • Best time of the day to send is early in the morning as early sends are the first ones that get read
  • Don’t be afraid to send more frequently
  • View unsubscribers as good


  • Most blogs are read in the morning
  • Men have a tendency to read blogs at night; women in morning
  • Best time for page views is 10 am EDT or 11 pm EDT
  • Comments spike early in the morning on Saturday and Sunday
  • Best days to blog for SEO/links are MOnday and Thursday
  • Blogs that publish once a day get more benefit

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