18 Reasons Why You Should Be on Linkedin

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1. Professionalism, Professionalism, Professionalism. Posts are well thought out, very innate and devoid of grammatical errors!

2. It’s not frivolous as other networking sites are meant/made to be.

3. Additional functionality recently added to the company product and service pages. Having the ability to link to videos and back to your respective .com page is great from an SEO vantage point.

4. The groups! They give you the ability to reach out to people who are in the same markets, exchange thoughts and ideas and you get to know people who share the same or similar (business) goals and interests.

5. Reconnecting with people you used to work with.

6. It’s a fantastic information source, especially through like-minded group members.
Other professionals are usually very generous with their ideas and suggestions.

7. You can meet new networks that can bring good insights for business, and also tell the world your professional profile and share with the world what you do in life.

8. It’s a Modern Day Rolodex. LinkedIn provides an efficient way to maintain contacts and to communicate with them. You no longer need to search various places for contact information.

9. Features like the company filter allow you to connect with people at various companies and with others in specific industries.

10. In terms of business relations, it’s the best for professionals to groom and grow connections.

11. It helps your search rankings.

12. It’s not another Facebook. It sticks to its professional-business social network base, and its groups provide great value.

13. You can research industries and companies to which you want to sell and easily locate decision-makers.

14. You can have interesting debates and discussions on work-related matters.

15. Connect with important business contacts whom you wouldn’t normally feel comfortable cold calling but who are more than willing to establish a new relationship with you on LinkedIn.

16. Get support from like-minded professionals.

17. Voice and share your opinions, research/brainstorming,

18. It is a great way to build your reputation and garner support for it.

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