The Study of Social Influencers

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PeopleBrowsr created a cartoon all about the history of and changes made in the social media world. Here it is (minus the drawings).

2009 Influencer: Most friends: The one with the most friends was champion

2010 Influencer: Engaged Friends: The one communicating with the most friends was champion

2011 Influencer: Contextual Relevance: The one with the most friends talking about a topic or brand

Influencers are good at……Engaging in Conversation (@replies), Complimenting and Sharing (RT’s)


Bringing influence to new media. Brian Solis engages the blogging community with his early understanding of the new media revolution

Paying for influencers. Dec. Yelp paid reviews


Consumers as Industry Influencers. Nov. Beacon targeted ads on Facebook


Mommy Bloggers rise up. Nov. Motrin Mammas “No, Motrin, my sling doesn’t give me back pain but you give me a pain in the butt.”


Celebrity Power. April. Ashton Kutcher challenged CNN in a race to a million followers and won.

April. Domino’s YouTube disaster, a prank video of an employee messing with food swept across the net and cost the company a fortune.


The ultimate social network influencer. Jan. “The age of privacy is dead” – Mark Zuckerberg

March. Little Brother v Big Brother, Julian Assange and Wikileaks released an edited version of Baghdad helicopter attack entitled collateral murder.

June. Influencer Perks, Virgin America gives away free tickets to influencers.

Nov. Influencers battling for audience, Calacanis v Arrington, the former conference partners went to war after Arrington sold Techcrunch and didn’t share the profit.

Fortune 500 CMO as an influencer, “branding a calf or branding a company…it aint so different.”

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