Study on Moms Will Change How Marketers Reach Them

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In a recent study about moms and their mobile habits, BabyCenter found that becoming a mom is a trigger for embracing the mobile devices. The study cites Morgan Stanley data that estimates 2011 will be the year where more smartphones and tablets will ship than notebooks and desktops. Advertisers better pay close attention to this study because it will change the way they approach brand marketing.

Here are the highlights from the study.

  • Half of the moms surveyed said they purchased a smartphone as a direct result of becoming a mom.
  • While the camera was the most important thing on the phone, apps went from not needed to essential.
  • 62% of moms said they change brands when they have kids.
  • 68% use their smartphones while shopping.
  • 46% said they want to get information about products when they are in the moment of shopping for them.
  • 46% took some form of action after seeing an ad on their digital device.

The study found a big correlation between having a smartphone and moving toward a more digital mix of media consumption. Moms today are on a mobile mission.

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