Search Engine Optimization Gets More Complex

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Search Engine Optimization is ever changing. Search results are meant to make end-users’ lives easier, however it has also added a degree of complexity to the SEO process. Google’s algorithms are so dependant on off-site promotions nowadays. So what you are doing offsite is becoming more important than what you are doing onsite in terms of SEO. Google treats videos different from web content and web content different from images, ect. There are some little things you can do, though, to help the process.

Metatag files and give them descriptive names. Since search engines can’t “see” images or videos, if they go unnamed then they are less likely to be ranked.

Schedule regular distribution and publication of press releases so that backlinks are built into your website. Backlinks increase your search popularity.

Start tweeting. Live Twitter feeds often land in Google search results, especially if a lot of people are talking about a certain topic. Search engines are now trolling social media sites as part of their internet searches to find the most relevant information. If you aren’t on them and active, then you are going to miss out.

Geo-searching is taking hold, so localize everything you possibly can. Put some work into your location listings on search engines and directories. Add links, pictures, videos, ect. The meatier the more relevant you will seem.

People need to start thinking about expanding their web budget to include not only the development of a website, but also the development of social media, directory listings and how everything will look on a mobile platform as more people access the web on their smartphones and tablets.


Originally mentioned in BtoB Magazine

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