The Alpha Mom and How to Reach Her Through Advertising

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As the primary person in charge when it comes to day-to-day purchasing decisions, moms also make up an increasingly popular market segment for advertisers.  Traditionally, advertisers connected with moms at home through television, radio, and print advertising. However, with the advent of internet-enabled phones, social communication platforms, and digital publications, advertisers are faced with a new type of mom:”Alpha Mom.”

This new group of Moms is college-educated, tech-savvy, and wants to be involved with their children’s lives yet engage in a more active role outside of the home.  Alpha Moms are constantly on the go, and this difference in habit from traditional stay-at-home Moms presents a new challenge for advertisers looking to keep up with this audience.

In a recent study by Burst media, moms said that “online ads promoting products geared towards the family and home fall flat” and “Moms found these ads ‘irrelevant or distracting’,” but that “Online ads that offer product coupons, sales promotion codes and/or other incentives resonate better with moms.” Other Burst Media findings highlight moms’ reliance on social media, niche websites, and mobile devices, including 60% of moms saying that they like Facebook ads the best.

But, as with anything, there are rules to follow if you want to reach the all-powerful mom.

-Brands must enter into a two-way dialogue that shows it is listening and responding to mom’s needs regarding its product
-Moms like transparency in a brand
-Moms like a brand to be relevant to their lives.  Fill a need, answer a question, value her opinion
-Don’t waste mom’s time.  Get right to the point.  Be genuine and honest
-Moms think logically and emotionally.  Both need to be addressed when talking with mom
-Don’t overload mom with too many updates
-Offer clear value through money-saving coupons

Remember, moms are social media power users – they are savvy, shrewd, and not likely to be as easily fooled by advertising gimmicks.

Here are some ways to reach out to moms.

1.     Give her what she wants. If she loves social media and coupons then give her coupons via Facebook and Twitter.

2.     Be a resource for her. Moms scour the web looking for the latest recipes and how-to tips. Make sure whatever message you are putting out there is helpful to her.

3.     Build a community. Moms love to share with other moms. Create a space for them to talk amongst themselves. Check out Pampers’ MommyCast.

4.     Promote something cause worthy. Recycling tips, facts about energy saving aspects of your product, ect.

5.      Use the mobile phone. Moms are on the go these days and need instant access to deals and news via their phones. Offer text message deal alerts and QR code scanning for coupons.

6.     Make it personal. Let moms share videos and pictures and personal stories. Check out, which ran a campaign that let you personalize a video. Or personalize to Mom’s needs and lifestyle like Scotch-brite’s “Cleaning Personality” Campaign.

7.     Finally, make sure moms can find you. Prominately display your social media efforts so people know you are doing it.


2 Responses to “The Alpha Mom and How to Reach Her Through Advertising”

  1. This is very interesting. I never read about this. It’s surprising what you can find on the internet sometimes. Time to tweet this!

  2. I am a moderate coupon user, and the book did have new ideas for using coupons that I didn’t realize. I like the idea of emailing companies to get free coupons, and the list of companies and the websites that will send coupons is really helpful. I also like the detailed chapters on other ways to save besides using coupons–like what the best deals really are at warehouse clubs and even how to save on organic food. The book was also really easy to read. Well worth the money in my opinion!

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