Ideas for Using QR Codes and Mobile Tagging

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There are all kinds of different ways people are using QR Codes or Mobile Tagging. From bakeries icing cakes with them to tourism bureaus offering vacation previews, these tags can be utilized by every business in its marketing strategy. These two dimensional barcodes can be applied to almost any surface and the information contained within them can be used to create incentives that lead consumers along the purchase path.

When a shopper scans a mobile tag, they are able to gather a deeper level of information about a product or service. The information these tags provide can range from where to purchase and scan-to-pay to how-to instruction and behind the scene looks.

Recent data shows tags placed in more central locations within a magazine or poster ad tend to get more scans with a response rate of around 5%-15%. And, while audience and demographic matter when choosing to use one, QR codes don’t only apply to a tech-savvy niche. Research found that tags placed within magazines like Real Simple received more scans than tags within Wired.

Here are some great ways to use QR Codes and Mobile Tags.

For Awareness

1. Instant Lottery, eg. Ticket giveaways, point-of-sale contests, rewards programs

2. Mobile Arcade, eg. Location-based games, team games around campus, use phone as a controller

3. Travel by Tag eg. Historical context throughout cities, live video tours before buying trip

For Information Gathering

1. Product Preview eg. Scan foods that match diets, scan bottles of wine to get tasting notes

2. Content Sampling eg. Sample music before purchase

3. Scan-triggered Updates eg. Bus schedules, delivery tracking

For Action/Purchase

1. Scan-to-Pay eg. Self-checkout at retail stores, scan-to-skip lines

2. Unlockable Rewards eg. Shopper rewards, scan-able coupons on storefronts

For Post-Purchase

1. Feedback Loop eg. Facebook likes, vote on favorite

2. Mobile How-to eg. Recipes, assembly directions, fitness equipment with a trainer

What are you going to put your next code on?

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