What Came First, The Marketing Or The Mascot?

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Think about some of your favorite brand mascots over the years.

Tony the Tiger and Frosted Flakes

Marshmello Man and Michelin Tires

Gecko and Geico

Duck and Aflac

Geoffry the Giraffe and Toys R Us

Coco the Monkey and Coco Pops

Green Giant and Betty Crocker

Colonel Sanders and KFC

Bunny and Nesquick

Doughboy and Pillsbury

Bunny and Energizer

Bear and Snuggle

You get the point. But what if a kangaroo was the face of Frosted Flakes, or a monkey represented the Energizer brand? Would it have been as catchy, long lasting and lovable? I say yes. While I am to young to remember consumers’ reaction to Tony the Tiger, I do remember that it took a while for people to embrace Gecko for Geico and Flo for Progressive.  So what’s MY point? Branding is everything.

It doesn’t really matter what your mascot is, what matters is how you present it. Be Repetitive And Never Deviate (B.R.A.N.D.). Don’t get wrapped up in trying to choose the RIGHT one, instead spend the time creating a smart marketing strategy with which to roll out the mascot. After all, it’s our job, as advertising agencies, to convince people something is awesome, right?


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