Quick Tips for Start-Up Marketing

In Advertising News on March 11, 2011 by PALO creative Tagged: , , , , , , , , ,

Recently, I was asked to give some quick 140 characters long tips for start-up marketing. So here is what I offered. Do  you agree with them or have any more to offer? Did you try any of these? If so, how did they work out for you?

  1. Go social. It’s the new grassroots marketing
  2. Use twitter’s search engine to target your audience
  3. Register yourself on twitter directories
  4. Facebook ads are gold mines for B to C companies, they are cheap and have great analytics
  5. Comment on blogs and sign comments with links to your blog
  6. Don’t forget about Linkedin, especially if you are B to B
  7. Use hootsuite or tweetdeck, ect to manage your accounts, it’ll keep you organized
  8. QR codes are fun. Be unique with them and put them on a hat, gloves, ect and use as sales collateral
  9. Don’t forget about your local business chamber
  10. Don’t forget about local media, people still like that third party endorsement

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