Human Behavior and Marketing

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Remember when you used to get sent to your room when you got in trouble? You would storm off, slam the door and complain to your favorite stuffed animal or doll. There probably wasn’t much to do in your bedroom besides read a book or sulkily stare out the window. Today, however, it seems like punishment for kids and teenagers would be banishment FROM their rooms.

Bedrooms have become kids and teens plugin to their social network. They spend most of their time in their bedrooms online, on their phone and absorbing pop culture. Teens have their own cell phones. Even for kids between ages 10 and 14, cell phone ownership exceeds two-thirds. Three-quarters of kids between the ages of 8 and 18 have TV’s in their rooms, and the rate of bedroom TV’s for kids under 12 is 55%, and growing fast. As for computers, we know that (at least) one-third of kids have their own desk-tops or laptops with Internet access. And that doesn’t count the “smart phones,” or “X-Box Live” systems (which can connect kids to each other internationally).

Today’s primary influences are friends, pop culture, instantaneous news information, and…friends, again (in that order). Kids pretty much have everything they need right at their fingertips (literally) while perched comfortably on their beds or desk chairs.

So, what’s my point here? A large part of marketing is studying human behavior. What are people doing, why are they doing it and what is driving them to it? Here are five of the most common human behaviors you should be harnessing with your marketing.
1. People seek unity by group action.

2. People react best under pressure of deadlines.

3. People give incomplete attention.

4. People glance instead of read.

5. Most people like the feeling of power.






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