25 Things to Teach in Social Media 101

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Social media is slowly becoming a profession. With that, colleges and universities are beginning to offer social media classes as part of their communications, business, and even psychology majors. In a recent discussion about what should be covered in Social Media 101, three main themes popped up: personalized communication, strategy and technology. Here is a sampling of the more that 300 topic ideas that contributed to the conversation.

1. Social Media is two-way communication.

2. Why social media is a necessary element of the student’s branding and communication activities.

3. Social media is just part of the picture. It should be tied into other campaigns using other media. And like any campaign it starts with a strategy.

4. The pros and cons of being transparent, the investments on social media and possible ROI in the end.

5. Treat your members of your network like you would want to be treated and many of them come back for more.

6. Remember your audience.

7. Its social relation, real people are behind the tweets profile and blogs. The more mass media it gets the more it simply becomes anther medium for advertising.

8. Integrate your networks, be mobile, delivery consistent content, make it about personal interaction.

9. Personal branding.

10. How and why to interact and what users/customers expect from your social media presence and how to provide that presence.

11. Inform, entertain, interact. Then convert online conversation to business.

12. Social media tools collaborate together to tap the same set of customers, and complement each other to bring revenue for themselves and the companies.

13. That the actual production of the message comes well after knowing whom your audience is and what you have to offer; when you are relevant and why people should care.

14. It’s about your audience, not you.

15. It’s the idea that the internet allows for the conversation between consumers to evolve, meaning the conversation between consumers and businesses needs to evolve too. Consumers’ forums on the internet subject businesses to higher levels of scrutiny. Businesses need to participate in the conversation.

16. Don’t apply old models to social media, instead invent new models that leverage social media.

17. How to use the applications, programs, and tools to manage social media correctly.

18. The permanency of social media (spring break pictures, etc), and the speed with which one can ‘get in front’ of trouble, thereby turning a possible fiasco into a public relations win.

19. Include discussions on verbiage, positioning of information, appropriate posts, search engine, bogs, links and which sites are best for what type of business/person.

20. Understand the underlying behavior. Learn the psychology of community and online behavior.

21. A solid definition of a social media platform.

22. Social media 101 should be the same as any 101 business course. The first thing you need to do is set realistic goals and determine how you are going to measure your success in obtaining those goals. 102 is then understanding how social media works so that you can develop a realistic strategy to obtain those goals.
23. The importance of social media marketing is to utilize it as somewhat of a feeling. Let your consumers know what you’re doing, encouraging them to develop a feeling about your company/product, encouraging them to purchase.

24. The technical side of social media.

25. The final exam question should be: “Explain why size doesn’t matter.”


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