A Must-Read for Media Planners and Marketers

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If you are a media planner or are in charge of marketing for your business, this post is a MUST-READ!

In recent years, Facebook has been able to take most of the credit for putting consumers and companies together. New data from a survey conducted last month shows Facebook being more powerful than you might have thought.

In the Ad Age/Ipsos Observer survey of digital-media habits, 41% of respondents said they wanted to receive communications from marketers on Facebook — more than double any other digital platform. One in three said it was their “preferred” platform.

While discounting was cited as a major reason consumers connected with brands via Facebook, it wasn’t the only reason: 42% want better customer service, 28% sought branded games and only 22% care about customer news.

Nearly three-quarters of Facebook users have “liked” at least one brand on the platform and more than a third of users have liked six or more.


Nearly two-thirds of consumers in the survey said they want brands to offer them discounts online. In fact, the first reason they gave for “liking” a brand was “I hoped to get discounts.”

Coupons were also the main driver listed for users of location-based check-in services such as Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places and others. Nearly half of those who used these services said discounts were their main reason for joining.

Between Facebook, Groupon, Foursquare and the like, have we created a culture that demands discounts and deals before doing business? For businesses that don’t believe in coupons or maybe aren’t structured for that kind of thing, what are they to do? Should all businesses just play the “when in Rome” game?

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