Jobs in Northeast Ohio? Heck Yes!

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PALO partner, DRS, LLC, was recently involved in an educational series about information technology in northeast Ohio. This series comes at a great time as the former “Rust Belt” tries to reinvent itself as the “Tech Belt.” The project attempts to show younger people the opportunities and diversity in the IT field.  Here is a message from the producers of the series, UNCOMN.TV.

Did you  know there are a lot of information technology jobs in Northeast Ohio? You Betcha! Check out the webTV show, Flannel I.T. sponsored by OEConnection launching online March 2nd and see where people are getting jobs in the region.

This is no ordinary career show…no siree! Flannel I.T sponsored by OEConnection brings together the “amazing! golly-gee” talents of our interview host, Hilary and the Gotta’win something game show fun of Flannel Man – with solid facts about information technology careers. Located at, Flannel I.T. sponsored by OEConnection includes eight 7-10 minute episodes releasing over 8 weeks. Each episode launches online on Wednesdays at noon, starting March 2nd and ending April 20th. Of course the beauty of Web TV is the shows will then be available on-demand via some new -fanagled thing called the internet.

Some of the 27 companies and organizations featured in the series will be familiar. But you may be surprised at the ones you don’t know. Flannel I.T. showcases companies in Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown and places in between that employ information technology professionals. It also features regional educational institutions that train these professionals and organizations that help in getting jobs. Tune-in and watch weekly at

(UNCOMN.TV is the source for news and entertainment about college, career and community) Flannel I.T. sponsored by OEConnection is the first of many Northeast Ohio industry-cluster shows that will launch on The Flannel Channel {jobs you’ll feel good about} – flannel the feel good fabric – get it?

Check out the 27 NEO companies and organizations featured…

In Akron

OEConnection, the series sponsor

Time Warner Cable


University of Akron

In Youngstown


Turning Technologies

Visual Impact Imaging

Steel Valley Computers


Youngstown State Univerity

In Cleveland

TOA Tech



DXY Solutions



Quicken Loans Arena


Cleveland State Unviversity

Baldwin Wallace College

Case Western Reservce University

Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club

Northeast Ohio

Kent State University

Hiram College

ITT Tech

NOCHE (Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education)

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  1. Thanks a bunch for spending some time to describe the terminlogy towards the inexperienced persons!

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