New Facebook Settings Hurting Business Pages

In Advertising News, Social Media News on February 22, 2011 by PALO creative Tagged: , , , , , , , , , ,

I recently wrote about the benefits of the new Facebook Pages design and functionality. However, with these new Pages come new headaches also. The most aggravating one is a filter setting that limits your opportunities to reach customers.

Basically, new default settings on personal newsfeeds are only showing you comments, links and status posts from those people and pages you interact with most. This means that customers and friends are most likely not going to see your business page comments, links, photos and status updates.

Prior to this change, everything posted from every friend and fan page came through to your personal news feed. Until Facebook listens to some of the outcries from businesses (Bring Back Chronological Posts, New Facebook Settings Affecting You and Are You Invisible) here is how you can disable these settings on your personal profile.

Go to your home page and click the blue triangle next to “Most Recent.”

Choose “Edit Options”

Click the blue triangle next to “Show posts from…” and choose “All of Your Friends and Pages.”

Click Save

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