The Social Media Rules

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Social media has two sides. On the one hand it is a great, convenient way to develop relationships and share ideas and news. On the other had, it can feel like prison; you have to be there and play by its rules. Here are some social media rules in the form of quotes from experts throughout the industry.

Social media branding is not about fancy logos or slick copy; it’s quite simply about you. First, people get to know you; then, if they like you, they’ll check out your business. Julien Sharp

It’s about helping people by answering their questions or jumping into a conversation. Once they know you, they’ll subscribe to your blog or newsletter. Once they make that step, it’s a lot easier to market to them — and they’re a lot more open to being marketed to. Lisa Barone

As you participate on different social networking sites, it’s important to create a consistent voice, whether it’s chatty and casual, highly informed, witty or serious. Whatever you do, don’t be too formal or try to sound overly professional. People want to connect with other people. They’re not as interested in the brand as in the people behind it. Unknown

Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology. Brain Solis

Quit counting fans, followers and blog subscribers like bottle caps. Think, instead, about what you’re hoping to achieve with and through the community that actually cares about what you’re doing. Amber Naslund

This is no longer a gimmick. This is how the American people want to receive their news and want to hear from us. Nick Schaper

Social media isn’t inexpensive, it’s different expensive. Unknown

The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army. Unknown

Activate your fans, don’t just collect them like baseball cards. Unknown

Every company is its own TV station, magazine, and newspaper. Jay Baer

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell. Seth Godin

Regardless of what may be the hot social media property of any particular month or year, social networking has become a core part of our daily lives. Amy Kean

Without a specific reason for the consumer to behave, without a reward or benefit, the overwhelmed consumer will refuse. Seth Godin

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em…People were engaging on those sites and communicating about our products anyway, so we might as well embrace them and bring them into the fold. Mark Keys


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