Best Apps to Increase Business Productivity

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It’s tough getting prospective customers exposed to your product, service or cause, especially once you enter the realm of the Internet. It’s even harder keeping up with “need it yesterday” pace of life, thanks in part to social media. Luckily there are numerous tools available to help us stay connected and get in front of consumers and clients quickly and effectively. Here is a list of mobile applications that can help your business productivity and keep you sane.

Facebook – DUH! This is such a commonly used app that most smartphones come with it already installed.

HootSuite – This app is ground-zero for social media intelligence. It helps you manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts in one place. It also provides automated content posting features and persistent search queries to keep tabs on partners and competitors. It also seamlessly integrates with its web version.

LinkedIn – Skip the business card with new introductions and always be prepared before entering any business meeting. You can search, invite, check updates, tag favorite connections and much more.

Foursquare – This geo-location app lets you check-in to places, write reviews, see who else is checked in near you, follow people and manage your own brick-and-mortar location. As the owner of a brick-and-mortar, you can offer special deals and discounts to people who check-in to your location.

Yelp – This app also lets you check-in at locations but what makes Yelp useful as a marketing tool is that it allows threaded conversations to be held for specific venues and businesses. Business owners can and should interact with their reviewers as much as possible to generate interest and participation.

WordPress – Blog, blog, blog. This app is super easy to use and allows you to blog on the go. Blog from events while they are going on or from the train on your commute home. This app means you should never let your blog go untouched for days at a time.

AnalyticsPro– This app tracks the analytics of your website and blog. Knowing your website’s traffic and trends at all times will help you to make the necessary business and marketing decisions to maximize the amount of opportunity that exists online.

Surveyor – Surveyor is a market research tool that lets participants answer surveys questions with an iPhone. Find out what your consumers what and need immediately.

Creative Whack Pack – This one is for your sanity. It’s a series of strategy exercises designed to stimulate the right side of your brain, so it can give the left side a swift energizing kick when you are under deadline and the ideas just aren’t flowing.

Keynote Remote – Get out from behind that computer screen and focus on your audience next time you give a presentation. This app lets you flip through slides via your phone and a wi-fi connection. A quick swipe across your phone’s screen moves the slides.

UStream Live Broadcaster– Capturing live video and audio plus the ability to poll viewers and promote on Twitter are a few of the things this app can do.

Flickr– This app makes sharing photos and videos super easy and on-the-go.

AudioBoo –  This is a handy tool for capturing and promoting on-the-move podcasts.

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