The New Facebook Pages!

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Facebook pages have been given the facelift we have all been waiting for. Finally a page that acts more like a profile, but still keeps spamming at bay.  There are a lot of new features and benefits to the layout, which is still in trial mode. All pages won’t switch over until March, so you have some time to experiment with it.  If you chose to manually switch over before, though, here are some tips for maneuvering around and making the most of your new Facebook Page.

Switching between Pages and Profiles

This allows you to go back and forth between using Facebook as your page and your profile.  A simple and time saving feature.

Business Networking

You can now like, comment and follow in your newsfeed other Facebook Pages. This is beneficial for business networking. You can network with other companies who may need your services or share your work with them. The important thing to remember here is that every time you engage somewhere it will leave a link back to your own page. Just like commenting on blogs drives your own blog traffic, commenting on Facebook will drive traffic to your Facebook page.

Highlight your Work

You can now post 5 photos to the top of your page, just like the new Facebook Profiles have been able to do. This means you can highlight your most recent work, latest product, or anything you might be trying to push out the door. Make sure the photos grab people’s attention and get them to WANT to click through more.

Improved Customer Service

Now, page owners can get notifications about new comments or engagement via email. Prior to the switch, owners had no way of knowing when someone was trying to reach out to them without constantly checking the page. This feature will save wasted time and allow page owners to respond more quickly to fans.

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