Make-Over Your Facebook Page

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So you’ve built a Facebook Page, collected a few “likes” and garnered some quality interactions. But, now you seem to be at a standstill. You feel like you are just going through the motions, making posts about the same types of things and uploading generic photos. You want to have more fun with your page and your fans but maybe you are out of ideas or strapped for time.  Well, stress no more! Here are some quick, easy ways to re-engage with your Facebook Page and fans.  These applications will give your page a boost.


This is the markup language Facebook uses to create custom tabs and content. If you have a little knowledge of HTML or CSS you can easily create the code needed for content display. Here are some examples of FMBL in action: Victoria’s SecretMacy’s and Walgreen’sDisclaimer: Facebook is moving away from FBML to iFrames in the near future so watch for this trend to happen.

Involver’s Twitter for Pages

This is a quick and easy way to bring your Twitter stream into a tab of its own. Just add the app and you’re done. No coding required. Don’t forget to tell people it’s there, though!

Fan Appz

This is a suite of sub-apps such as polls, sweepstakes, promotions, coupons and more. There is even a gift store that you can set up to monetize your Page with brand merchandise that people can purchase.

The Welcome Tab

This has become a standard tab for most pages. You can feature a new product, an ad for the season or just say “thanks.” Bonus: it comes with its own analytics and metrics so that you can track and measure how  your Welcome tab is being received and make adjustments if necessary.

The Page Map

This application dispays a mini-map with links to a larger map and directions. You can highlight your location and include surrounding points of interest, too.

My Top Fans

This app shows you who your top fans are for your Page. It analyzes interactions and calculates who is sharing and engaging the most with you. In turn, you can highlight them, offer them discounts or merchandise, ect. to let them know you appreciate their interactions.


This application is integrated with the SlideShare application on LinkedIn and is a great way to share power point presentations.

Web Profiles

Show off your other social media profiles with this app. Just pick the ones you are already on and link them up.

My Countdown

Build up excitement around new product launches, grand openings, give-aways ect.


This lets you expand the types of content you are sharing with fans. It allows you to attach MP3s, images, videos, documents, and everything else, so long as they don’t exceed 200MB.

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