Shameless Tips for Promoting Your Blog

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People are always asking me the best way to get started on a social media site. To them, building up followers seems like an impossible task . They don’t know how to start or where to start and often times get frustrated when they don’t see instant results.  The social media outlet that seems to overwhelm people the most is the blogosphere. So I decided to share some simple, shameless ways to promote your blog.

Promote your blog on your website. Whether you add a little icon button linking to your blog, or import your blogroll to your website, this is probably the most obvious way to promote your writings.

Include the blog URL in your email signature. Nowadays, people are tagging commercials, business cards, print advertisements and much more with their Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter addresses, so why not your blog, too.

Post your blogs on other social media networks. You can link your blog to your other networks so a post on one automatically posts on the others.

Cross-market with press releases. Post your press releases to your blog and write press releases based off your blog. Tag your press releases with your blog URL. You never know when a reporter might see a potential story in one of your past posts.

Post regularly. The more activity on your blog, the more likely it will be picked up by search engines. Plus, your blog is a promise to your readers. Don’t abandon them or make them wait weeks for a new post. They will forget about you.

Develop an opt-in eNewsletter our of your weekly blog posts.

Be human. Stop talking like a company and start talking like a human. Write in your own voice.

Create a list of bloggers that you follow. Tell them they made your list and then, hopefully, they will promote it and comment on it.

Comment on other blogs. Sign those comments with your blog URL.

Have a point of view. If your posts are the same as everyone else’s post, who cares.

It’s important to remember to not overlook the simple things.  Building a following will take time, but the more you stick with it the bigger the payoff.

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