How Retailers Can Capture the Mobile Shopper

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A wait-and-see approach to m-commerce can be dangerous for retailers.

Currently, only 12% of major retailers (5% of all retailers) have developed a mobile site, while a report from Adobe indicates that more than 80% of businesses in a cross-section of industries are planning or have already deployed a mobile website. If you compare these numbers to the number of people shopping on their phones, you will quickly realize retailers are leaving money on the table.

Here are some tips retailers must think about in order to reach customers where they are shopping.

1. Know who is visiting and shopping on your current site. Use analytics to figure out how they are getting to your site and what functions they are using once there.

2. Know when and why your target audience uses its mobile devices. This will help you plan special promotions and loyalty rewards, as well as make your mobile site relevant to consumers.

3. Focus initially on four core areas: the ability to browse through your product catalogue, search capability, product information and a store locator with contact information.

4. Have a mobile commerce objective. Sounds simple but its necessary when planning out your mobile strategy.

5. Make things quick during the checkout process by letting users rapidly enter billing and shipping information.

6. Make sure your site is accessible via any mobile device.

7. Offer mobile-based loyalty programs and rewards. People are more likely to act on something if they have an incentive. Keep people coming back to your site by giving them a good user experience and letting them know you appreciate their business.

8. Understand the difference between m-commerce and e-commerce. You cannot just lift your e-commerce site up and transfer it. You must realize that people use their phones differently then they use their computers.

9. If you aren’t ready to take on m-commerce, at the very least, make sure your current site is mobile-friendly.

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