New Media Marketing

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We recently presented on new media marketing and mobile application development at a technology workshop in Youngstown, OH. The goal of the workshop was to bring together experts in different tech fields with business owners. With all the changes going on in technology, this event was a good way for business owners to learn what’s new and how they can benefit. Presenters included VMWare and Cisco and topics ranged from cloud computing to outsourcing vs in-house IT. Our presentation on new media marketing can be downloaded in power point form by clicking New Media.

Some highlights from the presentation include:

How much are social media connections worth?

Who is using social media, how are they using it and how often?

How businesses benefit from it?

Tips for getting the maximum benefit without added stress

A few case studies on different uses of social media campaigns

Online Marketing: what is it and how to best utilize it.

For more information on new media or mobile application development contact us at

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