Ten Days of Ten. Day 10: The Popular List

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Everyone wants to be on the popular list, but it takes hard work and a little finesse to make it. This past year, if you wanted to make it on the list you had to be a “trending” topic. What does that mean? Basically, you had to get people talking about you across social media avenues, specifically Twitter. So, who made it on the list in 2010? Here are the top 10 trending businesses of 2010 from What The Trend, a site that monitors what people are talking about on the web.

1. Apple

2. Google

3. Twitter

4. Uniqlo

5. Research in Motion

6. Microsoft

7. Facebook

8. Nintendo

9. Sony

10. BBC

Gone are the days where gossip is discussed around the water coolers. If you’re not online, you are not in the “know”. Look for next year to be even bigger when it comes to connecting via social media. Don’t get left out.

Side Bar- Top non-tech companies

1. Uniqlo

2. BBC

3. Lanvin-H&M

4. Capricho Magazine

5. Nike

6. Four Loko

7. McDonald’s

8. AirTran/Southwest

9. Cadbury/Kraft

10. Toms Shoes

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