Ten Days of Ten, Day 9: Health Crazes

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Yesterday I either made you hungry or grossed you out with glutinous food options that debuted in 2010. If you indulged in any of them, or are now craving them, you should probably make it a point to dive into one of the following health trends from last year. Today’s list is a combination of workout regimens and food choices that captured our attentions.

The Workouts

1. Hot Yoga- A series of 26 poses performed twice in a 90 minute class in a 95-100 degree room. This method of yoga has been around since the late 1970s but only recently gained widespread popularity.

2. Zumba- Over the past decade this latin-inspired dance workout has been trying to capture an American audience. Now, with its recognition from leading fitness educators and its partnership with distributor Guthy Renker, you can find Zumba classes in just about every gym across the U.S.

3. Wii Fit- Thanks to celebrity fitness personalities, such as Jillian Michaels, this exercise video game console became the third best selling console in history. Workout programs designed by everyone from Jenny McCarthy to Gold’s Gym include strength training, yoga, and exercise.

4. Kettlebells- Originating in Russia, this form of ballistic exercise combines, flexibility, strength and cardio training. Popularized by athletes, weightlifters and personal trainers, kettlebells have now become mainstream.

5. P90X- This workout takes home-exercise to a whole new level. It had everybody talking about it, scared of it, and wanting to at least watch it.

The Food

1. Going Natural- This trend has been steadily growing for a couple of years. But, only recently have there been more natural options on the grocery store shelves.

2. Buying Local- Whether for environmental reasons, wanting to support local communities, or desiring fresher foods, people are choosing locally grown food and ingredients over name-brand ones.

3. Back to Basics- Partially due to the recession, and partially due to an increase in knowledge, people are returning to simple ingredients to make home-cooked dishes.

4. You are What You Eat- People craved knowledge in 2010. They wanted to know where their food was coming from, what was in it and how it benefited them.

5. Homemade beer- The craft beer segment has been giving powerhouses such as Budweiser a run for their money. Beer tastings have replaced wine tastings and taste, texture and aroma have become the new standards for beer judging.


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