Ten Days of Ten: Day 4, Biggest Stories of the Year

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They captivated us, angered us, saddened us and might have even changed our lives. The biggest stories to come out the past year span all sectors of the economy, including business, politics, sports and entertainment.

BP Oil Spill Assaults Golf Coast. Three months and 158 million gallons of oil later, BP had become the world’s biggest hypocrite.

Campaign Finance Un-Reformed. After the Supreme Court overturned two pieces of legislation pertaining to political fundraising, America saw the largest mid-term election spending season ever causing at least myself to boycott TV for the month leading up to the Nov. elections.

Bye Bye Cable, Hello Internet. Cable and satellite service providers saw the first decline in subscribers ever, as people traded their $100 cable bills in for free internet TV.

Rock-star Adman Turns His Back on Big Agency. The loss of Alex Bogusky has the advertising industry a little perplexed as to why some of the top creative minds are leaving the big established shops, and in some cases the industry all together.

The IPad. Taking the concept of book reading to a whole new level whereby major news and magazine organizations have now adopted tablet-ready versions of their publications.

Pepsi Leaves the Super Bowl. Pepsi diverted its Super Bowl 2010 funds to a more socially-conscious effort: community-building projects. Pepsi is back for 2011, though.

Walmart Goes Local. Loosening its grips over store merchandise and displays, the retail giant gave more power to local branch managers to determine what and how to stock items. It marked the return to the good old days of “Everyday Low Prices.”

Comcast Buys Majority Stake in NBC. When this deal finally closes, it will combine a cable-provider giant with a content giant and free GE from the media business. This will have an impact on the way people watch TV.

Recall on (insert product). Toyota and Johnson & Johnson paved the way for what became a year’s worth of recalls on highly recognizable brands and items.

Association of National Advertisers is Born. In an effort to repair the widespread misalignment between procurement executives and their internal/external marketing partners, advertising industry’s procurement players set up this task force.

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