Ten Days of Ten: Day 3, Campaigns

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A good advertising campaign successfully captures audiences through different outlets and on different levels. We, as consumers, end up being able to relate to the product, service or company rather than just want to purchase on impulse. Whether you think its cool, want to participate in it or want to mimic it for your business, an advertising campaign is a fun way for companies to connect with consumers. Here are the past decade’s top ten ad campaigns.

Old Spice: The “Man Your Man Could Smell Like” Responds. Tailor-made Youtube responses from The Man to fans increased Old Spice’s Facebook action by 800% and its website traffic by 300%.

Pepsi: Refresh Project. Took funds allocated for Super Bowl advertising and put them into worthwhile grassroots causes through a social-media driven campaign. The results were more than 3 billion media impressions and 51 million votes from a broad demographic sample.

Arcade Fire: Wilderness Downtown. A collaboration of musicians, directors and computer engineers take you on a journey through your hometown streets with a musical backdrop thanks to Google Chrome. Check it out.

Domino’s: Pizza Turnaround. Using social media and focus groups, the pizza chain found out what consumers really thought about it’s food and then went on a documentary style campaign to turn Domino’s pizza and reputation around.

Mitsubishi: Virtual Test Drive. Using remote control software, web viewers could drive the Outlander on their computers, proving how a big-tech idea could come to life and create energy around a brand.

Dare Labs: Remote Palette. An app that links your iPhone to your iPad and lets you draw on the pad with the phone.

Nike: Write the Future. The World Cup anthem that also included a digital outdoor effort with headlines written by fans and an online effort where fans could watch themselves rise to soccer stardom.

Jay-Z/Bing: Decoded. A promo campaign for Jay-Z’s book that brought the pages to life on any and every tangible space possible, including a hotel pool, New Orleans’ building, and the lining of suits. Through a partnership with Bing, people could go on an online scavenger hunt to find the pages.

WWF: Space Chimp. A gut-wrenching environmental awareness video that serves as the music video for Ben Lee’s “Song for the Divine Mother of the Universe” and a message from the World Wildlife Fund Australia.

Conan O’Brien: Comeback Campaign. A slew of social media-minded pushes that included a Foursquare-linked blimp, web films, a webcam showing live antics from his new office, and outrageous TV promos which all resulted in Conan surpassing his late-night talk show competition.

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