A Digital Decade: The Top 10 of the Last 10 Years

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Businesses are constantly trying to promote interaction with customers and potential customers through social media. They run giveaway campaigns, play games with followers or offer first peeks at upcoming sales on their social media pages. This holiday season we saw retailers reveal Black Friday specials to their Facebook followers before the in-house ads dropped. Macy’s offered $100 gift cards to ten people per town who uploaded a picture of themselves with the Macy’s traveling carolers to the company’s Facebook wall. Shaquille O’Neal tweeted clues about his location around town, when he played for the Phoenix Suns, and the first person to find him got tickets to a game.

The point is, companies are trying to build relationships with consumers that are more than just supply and demand. They are trying to create memories with you, and some are doing it significantly better than others. (Just compare the Facebook pages of Burlington Coat Factory and TJMaxx and you will see what I mean.)

As the digital decade comes to an end, we recognize the top 10 Digital Ad Campaigns of the the last ten years. Read them and let me know if you participated in any and which one is your favorite. You can also see the ads here.

LiveStrong Foundation and Nike: Consumers use a website and social media to submit messages of hope and inspiration that were chalked onto the course of the Tour de France.

Dove: A commercial that began running online before TV asked for a reassessment of traditional standards of beauty.

Ikea: The company’s first online commercial presented 3-D renditions of six wish-list kitchens.

Fiat: Software that recorded driving habits and offered tips on efficiency.

HBO: Passersby on a Manhattan street were invited to watch the goings-on in 8 faux apartments in a campaign that also included a website.

BMW: Clive Owen played a mysterious driver in a series of shorts or long commercials directed by filmmakers like John Frankenheimer and Ang Lee.

Nike: An “online goal-tracking running motivator” website to support Nike Plus shoes.

Burger King: The company promoted an odd ball website where people could order a chicken to perform fanciful tasks.

Uniqlo: A widget, or small application, bearing the Japanese clothing company brand offered computer users dance clips, music and a clock.

Burger King: Asked Facebook users to give up 10 friends in exchange for coupons for free Whopper sandwiches.

source: The New York Times

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