A Must-Have Tool For Public Relations Professionals

In Advertising News on September 30, 2010 by PALO creative Tagged: , ,

If you are in the public relations business and haven’t signed up for Help A Reporter Out,, you are blowing great opportunities for your company and/or clients. Melodrama aside, HARO is a great tool that delivers reporter inquiries right to your email inbox. All you have to do is go to HARO’s website and sign up. Three times a day you get an email full of stories reporters need sources for. The stories are categorized, the descriptions are short and to the point and the contact information for the reporters are included.

You can also follow HARO on Twitter and Facebook for inquiries from “desperate” reporters against a tight deadline.  But don’t ruin a good thing by abusing this program. Think carefully about which proposals you are responding to. Make sure your company fits the description and the outlet is appropriate for you. Emailing every single reporter or one inquiry multiple times will get you shut down.

Check out the website to see the different media outlets currently using HARO.

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