Does Social Media Have a Place at Trade Shows?

In Social Media News on September 16, 2010 by PALO creative

The Youngstown/ Warren Regional Chamber is organizing its annual business showcase. The show, which is on Thursday Sept 22, is the largest trade show between Pittsburgh and Cleveland. One Youngstown-based company is bringing social media to its booth in hopes of increasing its reputation as a technology expert through an increased new media fan base. Bringing the online to the offline opens a whole new door of possible ways to connect with people in a better and more interesting way. Here are some tips for taking social media with you to your next trade show.

  • Video cameras: Get a Flip, an easy-to-use shoot and share camcorder, that will allow you to interview attendees, play back videos at your booth instantly, and post them to your Facebook page and website. You can also turn the video into snapshots.
  • Skype: Use Skype to give those not at your show a chance to feel included.
  • Foursquare and Facebook Places: Check in using these location applications as soon as you arrive at your show. Tag other people in them as they visit your booth.
  • Tweet, Tweet, Tweet: Let everyone know what is happening in real time. Make sure to tweet about any special promotions or activities you will be doing at your booth prior to the show. Use Twitter search to see whom else it talking about your trade show.
  • Event pages: Create event pages on Facebook and Linkedin prior to the show.
  • Facebook SMS: Ask people to become fans of your Facebook page right from your booth by texting “fan yourname” to 32665.

Card being handed out at showcase

If you are at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber Business Showcase, stop by the DRS booth to see how this tech company is mixing the new with the traditional. DRS will be giving away a Flip as part of its social media push at the showcase. It is also asking people to become a fan on Facebook for a chance to win an IPad.

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