Clients In The News: Revenues Top $10M in 2009 for DRS LLC

In Clients in the News on September 3, 2010 by PALO creative

January 14th, 2010 (YOUNGSTOWN, OH) – Even in our currently struggling economy filled with negative consumer perceptions, some companies are able to focus and build upon their core strengths, and continue to grow despite the strain of the tough market. Youngstown-based DRS LLC, is a perfect example of a company that has managed to out-perform even its own expectations in 2009.

DRS has enjoyed fast-track growth since its beginnings almost ten years ago. For the past four consecutive years, the Youngstown technology company has won the Valley Growth Award, and Mike Meloy, President, DRS, attributes the company’s success to the team’s ability to evaluate trends within the industry, and proactively respond.

“We’ve been seeing tremendous growth and interest in the service-related sector of our business.” says Meloy, “We saw the benefits and opportunities available to us within this untapped market, and focused on strategically developing our offerings to our clients.”

It is this proactive approach that allowed DRS to meet their milestone goal of surpassing 10+ million in revenue in 2009 – more than half of which is due to an over 50% increase in their Managed Service Provider Programs revenue. MSP was closely followed by Data Center and Cloud Computing services, which had an over-all increase of 45% from the previous year.

DRS’s success in 2009 doesn’t end there. Last year the company continued to expand their fiber footprint by building an additional 60+ miles of fiber throughout NE Ohio – Bringing their route management to over 400 miles. In February, 2009, DRS also signed a deal with the Columbiana County Port Authority that gave them exclusive commercialization and use of the Port Authority’s ownership interest in the ACCESS fiber optic network; a 250 mile stretch of fiber optic cable that runs through Mahoning and Columbiana counties.

The deal with the Port Authority also included management rights for DRS to a twenty-two thousand square foot technology complex in Leetonia, Ohio. The Leetonia Technology Complex is located along the ACCESS fiber optic network, and will allow DRS to offer its clients cheaper, and faster broadband internet access, as well as create shared resources between the technology company and ACCESS; eventually increasing the availability of technology to school districts in Mahoning and Columbiana Counties. The recently acquired Tech Complex will also become a disaster recovery warm-site for DRS and its clients, as well as home to other area businesses. DRS relocated its first tenant to the Complex in May of 2009 – PALO Creative, their Marketing and PR agency, whom they merged with in early 2009.

“Nothing can remain static in the world of technology,” says Meloy, “It’s an industry that is continually moving and changing faster than any other business, and we’ve always made it a point to stay on the cutting edge of those changes. We set high goals and standards for ourselves as a company, and it is the experience and dedication of our team that has allowed us to meet and exceed those goals year-after-year. We’ve accomplished a lot as a company in the past year, and we’ve got great things planned for the up-coming year as well.”

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